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A lot of us would love to learn how to play guitar, but feel like the opportunity has passed us by. But good news: it’s actually easier than you think, not harder. You can make rapid progress with the right guidance.

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Get professional coaching at an incredible value.  Learn guitar without losing an arm and a leg.

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When you go it alone you run into all kinds of snags in the learning process.  Good coaching expedites the process.

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Coaching can unleash your potential.  Let’s find out just how good you can be.


I understand that it is intimidating to begin the journey to learning guitar.

I am here to help.

It is my passion to guide others to discovering the joy of playing music.  I have a lifetime of experience to offer both as a professional muscian and  guitar coach.


  • 25 years experience as a professional musician
  • Over 30 years experience as a guitar coach
  • Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) Honors Graduate
  • Belmont University Honors Music Graduate


I have had the previledge of helping hundreds of students over that past 30 years learn how to play guitar.

It is simple to get started.

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There are far too many guitars gathering dust in the corner of the room.

Most people quit because that run into the same, predictable issues.  

In this FREE downloadable book you can learn the 3 secrets to learning and sticking with the guitar.

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