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MXR Phase 95 Mini
EVH Phase 90
EVH 5150 Distortion
Purple Platypus
MXR Octavio Fuzz
MXR Octavio Fuzz
MXR Sugar Drive
MXR GT-OD Overdrive
MXR Custom '78 Distortion
MXR Distortion +
Primetone Picks
Ernie Ball Electric Strings
Dunlop Slide
Clip on Tuner
Pedalboard Tuner
Ernie Ball VP JR Tuner Pedal
Keeley Compressor Plus
Blue Note OD
Archer ikon
Strymon Mobius Modulator
Strymon Timeline Delay
Pedaltrain case
Adapter Bracket
Pedal Power 2
Geroge L's Pedalboard Kit
Fender Princeton Reverb

Recommended Gear:

High Fidelity Earplugs for Concerts & Musicians
Clip On Tuner
Variety Picks
Replacement Batteries
Guitar Stand
Music Stand
Maintenance Kit
Guitar Polish Kit
String Winder
Power Peg Pro String Winder
Guitar Headstand
Humidifier Kit
Squier Stratocaster Pack
Yamah Standard Acoustic Guitar Pack

Acoustic Gear I Use:

PrimeTone Picks
Medium Acoustic Strings
Acoustic Capo
Guild Acoustic
Used or New Gear